ABOVE: This is what I look
like with my clerical
shirt and white tab. 
July 8, 2912
This is a painting done  in High School around 1950-1951
A long time ago I was in High       School, 60 years have passed! How I wish I could play the game like I used to do. COME ON METS, LET'S  WIN IT ALL 2019!  Pray for The Best  in the Changes we will make, and that we start hitting
Here is another High School painting ca. 1950-1951
The Rev. Bayard Collier Carmiencke, BA. MDiv. MSed.
          Copyright © 2004 by
Susan H. and Bayard C. Carmiencke
            All rights reserved
Carrot Top:  Puppet  made
         for Carnival at
   The Airport Playhouse 
Letter of Commendation 1988
The two paintings on the
right and left were rediscovered paintings from the early 1950's They were found in old moving boxes in the garage, from the move to Bohemia in 1980.
Father Col's Pics
    and Things
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We may have an inclination toward doing what  God doesn't desire but we still can choose to not give in to our inclination and strive to be lovers as the Almighty has loved us.
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This web site is an ongoing adventure communicating the artistic elements of an over  a 50 year ministry in the Episcopal Priesthood,  plus the  3 years in seminary at the Philadelphia Divinity School and service beyond!

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Lo I am with you to
 the end of the ages
1951                                2012
I always wanted to be an illustrator of some kind. Thus I used up every art class in High School. Then I attended the Art Career School in Manhattan atop of the Flatiron Building within the penthouse! Worked for a while in the art department of the U.S. Vitamin Corporation, until drafted into the United States Army. Painted a 40 ft. mural in oils for them. Honorable discharge 1955 and began the adventure toward becoming an Episcopal Priest.
CPainting "Anguish"  Or "When Love Dies"
              COL'S WIFE: 
  JUNE 1, 1932-MAY 23, 2010          May she rest in peace.

Dear Friends,

I wish to thank everyone for their prayers during the past nine years since the death of my beloved wife, Susan Constance Healey Carmiencke.

Len and I  will visit the blessed grave stone for the ninth time this May 23rd on the ninth anniversary of  her death, and place a colorful pot of flowers there again. We  quietly  lay our stones and pray that she is happy bathing in the light of God's love and going strength to strength.  We leave  the floral token with our thoughts about how she always enjoyed gardening. She is buried in Saint Ann's Cemetery, Sayville, Long Island, NY. See above a picture of the stone.

    Thank you for your care and prayers,

                            Fr. Col+

"Patches,"  Has kept me company since September 2010. He has a friendly and loving personality! He likes to snuggle my beard.
The Longer he's with me, the more I appreciate his company. It is so marvelous to be greeted at the door by him and he misses me, wanting to be lifted up and settled upon my chest in the recliner. Thank you Lord for loving pets.
An Appreciation Letter
Above: Fr. Col as
 Rhode Island in 1776
ABOVE: 2008
Backyard Susan 2015 Memorial Garden 
Left: Here is the flower token which I and my son Len placed at the gravestone of my wife Susan on the occasion of the third anniversary of her death, May 23, 2013. It reminds us of how she longed to do gardening the last few years of her life, but was not up to doing so because health.
Bayard Carmine Carmiencke 
at his graduation from  High School, June 20, 2013 

<===== Patricia Ann Has been a faithful companion since August of 2010
Gingwiggle; Lord of the Limpocks has been
with me since the late 1970's=============>.